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clarionpittsburgh-14If you are visiting Pittsburgh, whether on business or pleasure, first thing you need is a hotel room. Clarion is a conveniently located hotel just a short drive from the center of the city. The Clarion Hotel is a great place to stay if you wish to get to know this city better. The hotel is furthermore very suitable for all kinds of business conferences or meetings. It offers eleven spacious meeting and banquette rooms and a fully equipped business center with computer with internet as well as the fax and copy machine. The capacity of hotel is 201 guest rooms which are very comfortable and nicely furnished and with numerous amenities.

Booking a room at Clarion is easy and can be done online or by phone. If you opt for looking for accommodation then you can do it by searching online sites that provide the service of booking. That’s very suitable since you can compare the prices and get a full description of the hotel as well as some reviews. There are numerous sites so check out more than one because the booking fees can range.  Make sure you check the special deals of hotels because almost all of them have different prices for different times of the year or days of the week. For example, hotels that target business clientele can be more expensive on weekdays and offer special discounts on weekends. If you don’t have fixed schedule of your traveling, you should consider this cost differences. Clarion hotel has eleven spacious meeting and banquette rooms so it is quite popular for business conventions and all kinds of events. That’s why you need to pay attention to whether there are some conventions planned at the time of your stay. The hotel might be packed and the prices higher because of that, so you might want to postpone your visit for couple of days.

Also, if you want to book the room online through some booking service website it is a good idea to check out more than one site. That’s because one site may tell you that there are no rooms available but there actually are. Why does this happen? Well, that’s because each booking site has limited number of rooms in a certain hotel they can offer and just because their capacity is full doesn’t have to mean that the capacity of the actual hotel is full as well.

clarionpittsburgh-13Another way to book a room at Clarion is to contact the hotel directly. You can do it online by filling the application at their website, by email or by phone. The choice is yours and each method is equally effective. By booking the room this way you might make a better deal than by using the third party booking service.

No matter which way of booking you choose, it is important to contact the hotel after the reservation has been made. It is to confirm your booking.

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Pittsburgh is ranked as one of the greatest cities to visit by National Geographic Traveler’s list for 2012. That is not by chance. Pittsburgh is an exciting city with lots to offer and if you still haven’t visited it it’s about time you do that. Here are some of [...] Continue Reading…

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Clarion hotel in Pittsburgh is a conveniently located hotel just a short drive from the center of the city. PNC Park and the famous Heinz Field stadium are in the close proximity of Clarion. Duquesne Incline is near the hotel too which makes it very attractive to stay in. [...] Continue Reading…

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